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Me by J3551CA75 Me :iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 2 8 Sugar Cosplay -- Off by J3551CA75 Sugar Cosplay -- Off :iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 60 20
Falling Star
Celeste felt the spark in her fingertips as she cruised the darkened sky. Today was the day she was finally going to join the Heavenly Constellations at their Summer Solstice Ball! The Heavenly Constellations only let the brightest of stars come to join their celebration, but this year, they opened the ball up to any light in the sky. This was her chance to show everyone what her spark was made of! Being only a few hundred years old, she was one of the younger comets to inhabit the night sky.  She jiggled her fingers a bit more, producing small sparkles of dust that trailed behind her like a flame. Her ability to fly was due to the twinkles that scattered behind her, it was the only propulsion she had. Darting around the air was her favorite pastime, that is, besides leaving streaks of color across the sky.
As she dashed about the sky, she didn't exactly pay attention to what was in front of her. Just as she pulled out of a sharp bend, she smacked, face-first, into a gro
:iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 21 18
Queen of Steam by J3551CA75 Queen of Steam :iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 2 2 Dream Keeper by J3551CA75 Dream Keeper :iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 43 11 The Ballerina by J3551CA75 The Ballerina :iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 10 7 Aikin and Bazil: Playtime? by J3551CA75 Aikin and Bazil: Playtime? :iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 13 9 In the Garden pg 3 by J3551CA75 In the Garden pg 3 :iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 0 0 In the Garden pg 2 by J3551CA75 In the Garden pg 2 :iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 0 0 In the Garden pg. 1 by J3551CA75 In the Garden pg. 1 :iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 0 0 The Smallest Princess by J3551CA75 The Smallest Princess :iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 103 24 Past Memories by J3551CA75 Past Memories :iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 2 3
For Zola: Elizabeth (part 1 of 2)
For Zola, my lovely darling.
“Zola, I know you want a sister, but stealing random girls from their homes is not the way to go about things! You really shouldn’t force people who have such a future to become your playthings!” I scolded Zola after bringing her back to my apartment room.
“I’m sorry mommy but I wanted a little sister!!!” Zola cried.
“Darling I know you want a family, trust me, I know. It gets lonely being like this doesn’t it?” She nodded and I pulled her to me and gave her a hug, “I know exactly how you feel. I know I never told you, but you actually had a sister…”
Zola sat up straight and yelled, “Wait! What!?! Mommy!?!?!”
“Yes, yes. Calm down. I guess it is time you know this… I’ll tell you the story of your sister…”
It had been a few years since I had locked myself in our house. The servants kept me alive, but only that. I had no plea
:iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 0 8
Mature content
In the beginning :iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 1 5
Isaac Kane by J3551CA75 Isaac Kane :iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 2 20 Jessamine Hanson by J3551CA75 Jessamine Hanson :iconj3551ca75:J3551CA75 1 4

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Wow, I took a while getting to this. I just finished a 10 page long research paper for my English class detailing the human experience with social grouping and racism. My god, I never want to see another racism paper again... :icononionsighplz:

But in any case, I have 18 more days of school left until finals, and then I'll be home free for summer! Yay! I don't know how much I'll be able to get done now, I'm still cranking away on the kiriban prizes so don't expect too much being posted here until after this craziness.

Also, I've been sick for the past week and this stupid cold developed into one of the respiratory things, which means I'm probably gonna have bronchitis again... second time this year! aosnonfasfond So yeah, I hope that goes away soon (but of course it won't)...


Anyway, onto the tag from :iconjacobite1:!

The rules, choose at least 4 of your OC characters and post a link to a song... Must be a modern song from/written no earlier then the 1960's that best expresses the character in some way, like his/her feelings, spirit, or just your musical inspiration that led you to create that character etc... oh gods, I really don't have a lot of OC's... this'll be interesting

Emily from "Summer Surprise"… I really love this entire movie, if you haven't seen it you should. I think that this song best expresses Emily's desire for adventure, but she also wants someone to share this wonder with.
Daniel from "Summer Surprise"… he's such a nice guy :3 I can just picture him being Emily's guardian angel. :iconflailplz: He also doesn't want to be left alone again, and having Emily's friendship is really good for him.

Amelia from "In the Garden"… This wonderful melody is a touching tale of an adventure in a garden, much like Amelia's. It is a memory to be kept close.

Derrin from "In the Garden"… I love this melody and it fits in just fine with Derrin (except for the love part) but he does want to give Amelia the childhood she deserves with wonder, fun, a magic.

Jessamine Hanson… Jessamine really cares for everyone in her clan, and this expresses her troubles she has sometimes when communicating this.

Well, I suck at tagging people, so if you see this and want to do it, then just do it! ;)


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United States
Heyo everybody! It's Jessica here!

I'm a anime and manga fan, and you can definitely tell how that influenced my art style! :) I am a high school student, and I'm also huge G/t fan. I love to see the interactions between them (so no fetish stuffs!). This account is really used for whatever (since it is my only account) so expect a wide variety of stuff ranging from digital drawings, to comics, to stories, I do almost anything.


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